Installation & Maintenance

2 Piece Seat Installation

Our 2 pce toilet seats (both resin and wooden) have adjustable hinges, which allow the seat to move approx 2-5cm, up-down and across to fit the fixing holes on your bowl.




  • 2 x plastic washers

  • 2 x rubber washers

  • 2 x small plastic washers

  • 2 x metal nuts

  • 2 x threaded rods

  • 1 x nut tool


Please complete the following before placing on your toilet bowl.

  1.  Screw the Threaded Rod into Position B to start.

  2. Loosen screw A slightly and lay the toilet seat onto the toilet pan.

  3. Turn the round base plates equally on both sides into the approximate position so threaded rods will pass through the toilet pan holes.

  4. If you are happy with the fit, remove the seat and tighten screw A.

  5. Proceed with step 4. If awider adjustment is required, screw metal rod into position C and start again.

  6. Place the two large plastic washers over the threaded rods, and place the seat onto the toilet pan, passing the threaded rods through the pan holes.

  7. Check that the seat is aligned and slide the two black rubber washers, the 2 smallplastic washers and the metal nuts onto the threaded rods from underneath, tighten with the nut tool. Place the nut tool in a safe place for future use.



3-Piece Seat Installation

The 3 pce Resin seat has fixed hinges. It will only fit toilet fixing points of 15cm apart. When measuring the fixing holes in your bowl, please make sure you measure from the middle of one hole, to the middle of the other hole. If you measure more or less than 15cm then you may need a 2pce seat.

The 3 pce wooden seats have adjustable fixing rods, which can slide horizontally along the underside of the back plate. It can fit toilet fixing holes up to 20cm apart.




  • 2x dome nuts

  • 2x threaded rods

  • 4x rubber washers

  • 2 x small plastic washers

  • 2x metal nuts

  • 1 x Nut Tool


Please complete steps 1-4 before installing on your toilet bowl.

For each side:



1. Tighten dome nut on one end of threaded rod.

2. Place threaded rod through hole in seat anchor, allowing dome nut to rest on hinge.



3. Place rubber washer on threaded rod on the underside of toilet seat anchor.

4. Place complete toilet seat onto your toilet pan/bowl.



5. Place rubber washer on to threaded rod, then put plastic washer onto threaded rod, use your hand to start tightening the metal nut. Finish tightening with the nut tool supplied.

6. Please store the nut tool in a safe place for future use.


Difficulty fitting our 3 piece seats to some pans?

If you are having difficulty installing your seat, it may be because the centre hole spacing is greater than 150mm, the fix is simple if you or someone you know is handy with a drill.

Using a drill bit the same size as the hole that is drilled in the underside of your seat.

Insert it underneath to just under the hinge. (Fig A). Slowly move it sideways as in the picture by 5-10mm on both sides.


(This will allow your fixing bolts to move sideways and fit your pan properly, and should allow fitment to seats up to 160mm approximatley.)


Care Instructions

Your Loo with a View product is made to the highest standards, using the best materials available. As a natural part of the manufacturing process the underside of the toilet seat lid may not be entirely smooth, for viewing pleasure always put the lid down after use.


Please follow the care instructions below to ensure it will give you many years of enjoyment and use.

  • Please follow the care instructions below to ensure it will give you many years of enjoyment and use.
  • DO NOT scrub or scour the seat surfaces or use abrasive cleaning materials (This will void your warranty)
  • DO NOT use bleach or products containing bleach (this will void your warranty)
  • WARNING: DO NOT drop the lid or rim onto toilet bowl ALWAYS lower by hand.
  • DO NOT stand or sit on the lid.