Bar Fridges

What is the height of the fridges, will it fit under my bench?

The bar fridges are 840mm high. You will need a minimum of 860mm clearance under your bench.

Can the legs be adjusted to lower?

The legs are for levelling the fridge, it will adjust it a little higher, but not lower than 840mm.

Do the bar fridges vent from the back or the front?

The bar fridges vent from the back, therefore approximately a 20mm gap needs to be around the sides of fridge and 40mm at the rear for airflow. There are stoppers on the back of the bar fridges to stop it being pushed up against the wall.

How much space is required around the bar fridge if building into a cabinet?

You will need to allow 20mm around the sides of fridge and 40mm at the rear to allow for ventilation. There are stoppers on the backs of the bar fridge to stop it being pushed up against the wall.

Does the glass door condensate, are they heated or defrosted glass?

The glass will have some condensation build up on humid days. They do not come with heated or defrosting glass.

How noisy are the bar fridges?

The bar fridges are commercially graded, they will be somewhat louder than a normal domestic unit. Please check the individual specs for each DB rating

How efficient are the bar fridges to run?

The fridges are commercially graded, so therefore run more frequently than a domestic fridge.

Pool Heaters

Read the Owner's Manual!

What size Pool Heater do I need?

As we sell Australia wide the sizes quoted are averages. A pool in southern states or higher altitudes (cooler) will require a larger pool heater or longer run times, compared with a pool in milder or northern (warmer) climates. Ensure the size of the pool heater/unit is appropriate for your pool type and needs. Above ground pools also loose extra heat through sidewalls. We always recommend the next size up or larger in cooler climates. Do your research. A larger pool heater will offer better performance and capacity to cope with cooler weather and further extend your swimming season. Pool covers are ESSENTIAL for efficiency and heat retention. Pool covers can make a 6-8 degree difference and prevent heat loss, especially at night. Buy the correct size pool heater or larger for your pool and location. Do not buy a smaller size pool heater based on your budget, as buying the correct or larger unit is the better investment. No returns or refunds due to incorrect choice. Plan your pool heater install and gather all your parts before proceeding. Unsure? CONTACT US.

Can I place my Pool Heater in a shed to hide it?

Your pool heat pump MUST NOT be installed inside, in a shed, or with walls or obstructions in front of the fan outlet. This will affect performance due to the cold air produced during operation, having cold air recycled will lead to less performance, for best results the air exhuast should be well vented. Pool Heat Pumps must be installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions by a suitably qualified professional.

Can I do the Plumbing?

As a rule yes you can, however you do need some skill, plan your install and gather your "Correct" size parts before proceeding. Diversion valves MUST be installed to balance water flow if required, your pool heat pump will generally flow too much, diversions valves are used to divert some water flow around the heater.

Can I self Install the Wiring?

NO. For your safety, your pool heat pump must be hard wired on it's own electrical circuit with RCD Safety Switch, by a suitably qualified electrician, an electrical safety certificate must be issued, as a pool heater is a "prescribed item".

My new pool heat pump is leaking water!

Relax, water production is a by product of the heating and evaporation process. Make sure you install your pool heater in a suitable area, you will get "free" water for your garden.

How long will heating take?

Pool heating depends on many variables that are different from state to state and pool to pool, however as a guide, heating times and electricity usage will vary dependant with conditions of use, eg, location, season, ambient temperature, wind, sun & shade. Your pool or spa pump must be running in order to circulate water through the pool heat pump unless an auxiliary pump is installed. Heating times, for first heating you must run your pool pump and pool heater 24 hours per day until your desired temp is reached, this may take 3-5 days of 24 hour operation depending on size and location. we always suggest a pool cover for best results, especially for first heating, overnight or for periods of cooler weather, Pool covers will save time, money and prevent heat loss.

Do you really mean 24h per day to start?

Yes, we do, Look at it this way, a Pot of water without a lid, takes longer to heat than a pot with a lid, if after heating you turn off the heat and leave the lid off, you will loose heat and need to start again in the morning. Your pool heater should be installed as close as pratical to your pool and pump, longer runs, uninsulated pipes may reduce performance or increase run times.

How often do i need to run my pool heater?

For best results your pool heat pump must be used daily, sufficient time is required to get or keep your desired temperature. Usually running for 4-6 hours per day with your pool heat pump will maintain heat (subject to location, pool size, season and daily weather) it will be longer on a cool day, less on a warm day, it will vary. Pool heaters are more efficient the warmer the water is, a pool at 28-30 degrees will take less time and energy to reach or maintain 28-30 degrees, than a pool that is 15-21 degrees trying to reach 28-30 degrees.

I turned my pool heater off to save cost, why is my pool cold?

Your pool heater is best run daily with your pool pump everyday, turning off and looking to restart or heat your pool will require longer run times, Your pool will loose heat if you do not use your pool heater, forget to put on the cover, or have a cold weather event/change of season. For best results, run every day and maintain your temperature, do not turn off to save costs (this is usually false economy), unless you are prepared for the restart heating cycle.

How much will my pool heater cost to run?

Costs vary from state to state and your particular use and electricity provider, as a general rule, multiply the kW input by your hourly electricity rate, to arrive at an hourly cost, please note any advice is general in nature and not a quote.

Why wont my pool heater start?

Your pool pump must be running to circulate the water, to enable the unit to read the pool temperature, if you shutdown your pool pump, say overnight, the unit will also shut down (to protect itself), as it will detect that water isn't flowing, it cannot restart until water flow resumes. Once water flow resumes, the Pool heater can resume heating.

Can I use with Salt Water Pools?

Salt water pools are OK, simply maintain your pool in good working condition with correct chemistry levels and use.

What if I want to shut the pool heater down for prolonged periods?

We recommend flushing with fresh water, we also recommend operating your pool heater every 12 weeks for 2 hours or so to maintain operation of seals and bearings, especially in near coastal environments.



Warranty WILL NOT apply if electrical is self installed, or damage due to neglect or lack of maintenance to your pool, operator/installer error or negative feedback. We aim to please. All information provided is as accurate as possible, as we have not conducted a site visit, any information provided is general in nature and may not take into consideration all requirements or be accurate for your specific need. E&OE.


Service & Repairs

We offer a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee (original freight charges not included) Original unopened Item, in unused condition and original packaging with all accessories must be received. The item, contents and cartons must be in original Resaleable condition, do not write or stick anything to it Buyer to be responsible for and pay return freight and a checking, handling & restocking fee will apply. If it was shipped with Free Freight, the actual cost of original shipping and handling will also be deducted.

You must get a Return Authority prior to sending back, items received with out a return authority will not be considered. Please choose and purchase carefully, as freight and handling charges are not refundable.



In the rare or unfortunate event that you require help or service, please contact us directly. This item is sold with 3 Year manufactures parts warranty, to the original purchaser.

Before calling for service, please read all instructions carefully, and ensure the item is correctly setup. When you call for service, we will require your assistance to "Trouble Shoot" the item, This may involve sending us photos and also requiring your help ruling out any other issues, before we can consider, your cooperation and patience will help us resolve sooner. Until the exact nature of any reported fault is determined, the solution Premierhouse can offer may vary. The warranty will be void if unauthorised inspection, service, modification or tampering has occurred.

Please note: Parts are free, service calls are not included, item can be returned to/from at buyers cost for free repair. If the unit is found to be Dead on Arrival, Premier House will at its discretion, repair or replace at no cost to the customer. If the unit is returned as DOA, Premier House will check the unit, if it is not DOA as described, the unit cannot be refunded and freight costs apply.