Heat Pump Diversion Set Up

Diversion Setup for Swimmax Heat Pumps

It's important to note that diversion valves are mandatory to balance water flow management on Swimmax heat pump system. Failure to install these valves correctly can lead to performance issues and errors. With the diversion setup, your pump can handle an impressive flow rate of up to 20,000 L/hr, which is 3-4 times the required maximum rate. This ensures ample water circulation for effective heating. To assist you in troubleshooting any potential error codes, it is essential to have the diversion setup in place.

When configuring the valves, set the top valve to approximately 50% water flow to maintain a balanced distribution. However, the bottom valve is of utmost importance. Set it to approximately 25/30% water flow (depending on the model) for optimal performance.

For further guidance, please refer to our min/max flow chart.


Model Eco 7kW Eco 9kW Eco 13.5kW iPS 7kW iPS 11kW iPS 17kW iPS 20kW iPS 25kW iPS 30kW
Rec w/ flow (minimum) 2500 L/hr 2600 L/hr 4000 L/hr 2500 L/hr 3700 L/hr 4600 L/hr 5000 L/hr 8000 L/hr 10,000 L/hr
Rec w/ flow (maximum) 3700 L/hr 5100 L/hr 7900 L/hr 6000 L/hr 9000 L/hr 11,000 L/hr 12,000 L/hr 15,000 L/hr 18,000 L/hr